Thursday, May 29, 2003

"mind over merde" - to think "dam" instead of "flow"; paggamit ng lakas ng loob para pigilan ang sama ng loob; to drive fast from alabang to BF resort

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

theft has always been an appealing idea to me. it speaks of sneakiness and cunning, which are of course admirable qualities. in my opinion, theft is more subtle than robbery. stealth and not force is key to successful theiving. the suburban incarnation of theivery is shoplifting, or lifting. rich and poor alike participate in this perversion, for varying motives. there are several pointers to remember when engaging in a lift. first is the dress code. i firmly believe that clothes do not make a man. however, clothes can make statements and you don't want to wear one that screams "theif!". always look nice when you intend to pilfer. nothing flashy, just decent. girls should not look flirty, unless they are accomplices, in which case they serve as excellent decoys. second is to provide yourself with suitable parapharnalia to secure your loot. deep pockets, handbags, whatever is suitable. even better is to use props bought at the store itself to further reduce suspicion. girls should look into the value of long skirts for concealment purposes. third, you should practice your movements before and after the lift. never make eye contact. linger often on random items and pretend interest. you could even buy a few things to allay suspicion. if you think its appropriate, inquire about a few items but do not prolong the conversation to the point that you wont be easily forgotten. be faceless, unremarkable, very forgettable. fourth, know your prey. familiarize yourself with the system. know how many guards they have and how active they are at preventing theft. watch for mirrors and cameras. consider the possibility of plainclothes personnel who could be spying on customers. most stores are on high alert during busy days like sales or christmas, so best to keep your hands idle during these times. lastly, always prepare to be caught. note escape routes or possible places to ditch the evidence. don't panic, at least not inside the store. it would be best to wear running shoes or to wear extra clothes for a quick change. there is one other thing to watch out for, and you might not see it coming. it is more insidious than any theif and it will be your undoing. no stupid, its not love. beware of greed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

growing old isn't so bad. i'm anticipating the diminishing sex drive that would make my life much more wholesome. but there are two things that i don't want to happen when i'm old. i don't want alzheimer's and i don't want to stink. ang baho ng lola ko pare. oo mahal ko sya syempre kya lang parang ayoko syang kasama lagi kasi ang baho nya e. wala nman syang debilitating sickness o malubhang karamdaman. mabaho lang talaga sya. its like BO and morning breath in one package. its in her breath and on her skin. i've learned to associate the smell with old age pero yung lolo ko nman hndi mabaho. ayoko lang mangyari yung ayaw ako yakapin ng apo ko dahil mabaho ako. i'd need to bribe them to kiss me. which leads to my hypothesis that as we grow old the smellier we get. babies smell nice (usually). its during adolescence that all the discharges and secretions force us to seek refuge in deodorants and perfumes. then from there its downhill to rank perdition. i think that's how hermits originated. smelly old men that other people can't stand. while hermitage does have it's appeal i'd rather not stink and enjoy civilization

Monday, May 26, 2003

succotash - lima or shell beans and green corn cooked together (merriam webster's collegiate dictionary, tenth edition)
suffering succotash - what cats eat when they can't get canaries (see sour grapes); intrj. used to express anguish over the human condition "suffering succotash! what fools these mortals be!" (midsummer night's dream, william shakespeare)

Friday, May 23, 2003

official na. hindi ako tanggap sa UP. bale kailangan ko muna magtrabaho hanggang maka pag apply uli ako. kala ko naman madali lang makapasok. there's always next year.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

because sinking ships empty their guts out into the ocean for the birds and seahorses to peruse
because this is my stab at posterity
because i can
becuase writing is therapeutic
because the world is big and lives are small
because hope is one of the most durable things known to man