Wednesday, December 22, 2004

ang mga higante ay di yumuyuko.
at hindi makukulong ang isang isip na nakapagpasya
na tumayo at sagutin ang mundo.
dahil ang taong malayang pumili ay bathala.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

stephen king called it a "roundness". its the quality of some well crafted stories wherein everything comes together and there are no loose ends. where the ellipses are completed. where everything gains Significance. you see the roundness when things happen just so, when events make poetic statements, when the killer realizes his mortal blow was dealt by a victims daughter, when it is revealed that the last leaf was held through the storm by the german guy, when luke meets his father, when ahab meets moby dick, when you realize soylent green is people, when you realize who kaiser soze really is, when you realize "there was no aaron counselor", when it all comes full circle, a nice, closed curve. i feel that roundness right now; the gladness at the end of a good story.

[note that circles are defined by constant things (a radius) and ridiculously irrational things (like the value of pi). i think you can relate that to life somehow but i'll leave that part to somebody else (this is what happens when you read Cryptonomicon)]

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

this is what would happen if i say everything i think of ALL of the time

professor: of course the most widely used method to insure randomization of... yes mister galang, you were raising you're hand?
galang: sir, i think we have neglected to discuss one method of data gathering that has proven useful throughout history and enjoys widespread application even now.
professor: talaga?! i'm sure we have covered... well, okay, what data gathering method do you have in mind?
galang: interrogation with torture sir.
professor: (nervous laugh) oh. well. you have a good sense of humor mister galang. we of course know that ethically spe...
galang: i am particularly interested in the question of whether there will be a change in responses to a personality inventory if the participants are made to complete it while their feet are dipped in battery acid and...
professor: (hypertensive fuming) mister galang! hesusmariahosef! this has gone far en...
galang: ...there is of course difficulty in application. little children will be especially tricky and would require more "creative" manipulation...
professor: (apoplectic convulsing) eeek! (thud)
galang: sir? pwede ko bang gawing thesis eto? sir?
professor: (post-mortem drooling)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

storms are great. almost as good as a burning building. hindi naman ako yung tipong lagi nalang "astig! gulo, pinsala, kamatayan!". hindi naman palagi. nakakamangha lang talaga pagnakakakita ka ng display of elemental force. like being drawn to the beauty of a nuclear mushroom cloud. appreciate abstractions.

storm appreciation (or tropical repression)

keep your umbrella, i'll walk in the storm
where pneumonias are born
we'll cut to the chase and bleed out the warmth

ill weather it fits me like spandex on thighs
like the crush of a vise
i'll sing and i'll shout as the clouds capsize

flowers in flood and puddles in bloom
no sun and no moon
just me in a brown polyester cocoon

you'll sweat like ice, it rains like blood
the everlasting glut
when you're lord of the frogs and god of the mud