Friday, September 24, 2004

ang panday ng quiapo at iba pang mga kwento

parang may nangyaring exploitation dito. wala naman nakuha ang mga taong ito sa nangyari. lahat ng kuha ay sa photographer. kuha, take, capture; ang photography ay pagaangkin. i have their pictures, copyrighted, protected by law, pero yung bata ba may mapapala sa ginawa ko? baka. di ko alam. kaya minsan mas gusto ko magpicture ng mga bagay na walang malay.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

One day the great philosopher Thestikles was sitting in the agora eating some kikiam and olives. He saw a fellow philospher passing by and without warning Thestikles gave him a hard blow on the head.
"Pakshet! Why did you hit me Thestikles?"
"I predicted that you were going to hit me today so I made a preemptive strike"
"I was not going to hit you! Why would I hit you?"
"Well, how can you be sure that you wouldn't hit me? Think of all the times I embarassed you in front of the whole lyceum, the time I tripped you in the Olympics, the day I overheard the oracle tell you that your mother will kill you and marry your brother. Can you honestly tell me that deep within your heart you did not want to cause me harm?"
"I agree, I do hate you. And my hate right now is so great that I will strike you now in righteous retribution!"
"But in doing so you make my prediction true and everyone here will know that I, Thestikles, am indeed a great philosopher!"
"Well, then. I will let this pass and show everyone that I am dignified enought not to stoop to such petty violence. Thus, it will be you who will be seen as the villain."
"Admirable move! I am shamed excessively!"
When the other philosopher was gone Thestikles took out a notebook and made a mark. "That makes twenty-five. I think Im getting the hang of this!"
Thus was political science born.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

adler was right

i just saw that quote again. the one about how the universe conspires to get you what you want. something like that. its supposed to be inspirational but it doesnt really work for me. if i want to be REALLY motivated, i imagine the exact opposite. i imagine that the world is out to get me, that it wants to keep me down, trip and hamstring me, isubsob ako sa putik, ututan ako sa mukha (see this: ) and various other attrocities. now THAT gets me worked up. after giving myself a pep talk like that i feel i can do anything. i have a feeling terrorists and maligned caregivers in canada think the same way. in the bible, the meek inherit the earth, pero magaamok muna siguro sila para mangyari yoon. we underdogs dont bite, we gnaw you with dull teeth into easy to chew sections!