Friday, August 27, 2004

nothing like suiting up, zipping shut and walking out into a storm. storms make me think that there is a God. and that he cant touch me inside my brown jacket. like an astronaut. astro cigarettes. ASTRO CIGARETTES! (torotot solo)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

another productive day at the library! after a whole day of research i have come up with a list of names to name the band i will form sometime in the future:
gansen roces, nippleblack, mister pogi, alamat ng libag, moratorium on hope, the exciting excretions, the amazing excretions, the covalent band, boots of blinding speed, absolutely no change, yaya niyari ni kuya, backwards man, plague pox and pestilence, cesar asar, mahiwagang kabute, dinoceros, burrhus freidrick, jung and horney, metronomicon, rodolfo the red-horse ranger, opposable bum, the enola gays, manly the eunuch, maitim na bulak (aka the eskinols)

if you want, you can vote for your favorite name and we can have a raffle so that the winner will be allowed to name his/her firstborn child after our band. names are what great bands are made of. who needs talent?

Sunday, August 01, 2004

patay na si tagboard? mejo boring tong blog pag walang feedback. I need an audience. Maglagay ren kaya ako ng backblog?

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