Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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from baller recordz

the phenomenal duo that pioneered gay gangster (gayster) rap are back with another bitchin album sure to knock your panties off. "wassup bhakla" features the best songs that jols2005 and marlonX have come up with so far. with such hard hitting tracks like "jimmy grab my gun", "eastside backside", "Rasheed, are you sniffin my crack?", "prison buddies", "boyz on boyz", "my ghetto burrito", and the chart topping single "bruthas unda cuvas", the girls have really shown that theyve got balls.

...on the related topic of whether same-sex marriages should be allowed i have only one argument: the world doesn't need more children; it needs more parents

Saturday, July 23, 2005

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id over ego

ikaw na walang trabaho
at puro lagim ang hinaharap
ano pa ba ang gagawin
kung hindi ang sumama at makisigaw
para kay ganito at ganyan
nagbabakasakaling may magbabago
dahil wala nang pwede pang mawala sa iyo

ikaw na may puso na bumabatingaw
ginagamit nila ang galit mo
dahil sila ay walang puso
at ikaw ay mayroon
at alam nating lahat
sa diwa ng madla
alipin ng Damdamin ang Katuturan

whether you are lenin or pol pot you have used the poor for something. to justify an intellectual cause or to implement genocide or to ease your guilt by giving alms you have used the poor for something. because it is easy to use the poor. and no one trusts them to have their own opinions. so people feel free to tell them what to do while dangling hope in front of their eyes. they are treated like children, who will do tricks for sweets. the question is, as they are right now, can the masses be trusted to rule themselves (and by implication, rule all of us)?

Friday, July 15, 2005

overheard from some photographer friends:

"...set-up na yung mga ilaw. adjust-adjust nalang. kaya pag dating nung model ipasok mo na sa kwarto tapos putok ka nalang ng putok..."

well, it didn't go down exactly like that but the way i tell it is much better than what really happened. after all, this isn't a newspaper.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Its le tour de france! I wonder why there arent any women along with the pale sweaty men in tight shorts. And I havent seen any black or asian people either. Everytime I watch my feet get itchy and I suddenly want to pedal to albay. I wonder if I'll look good in those swanky helmets and those swanky visors